Talc Powder Suppliers in India

black magnifying glass on white and brown marble table
black magnifying glass on white and brown marble table

Prosopis Inc have been a Talc Powder Suppliers in India for some time. They provide customers with high-quality talcum powder at a very competitive price. The company supplies different types of talcum powder including cosmetic talcum powder, body talcum powder, and industrial talcum powder. Talcum is the softest mineral in the world which makes it an indispensable part of daily life. Despite the fact that all talcum ores are soft, platy, water-repellent, and chemically inert, no two talcs are alike. Talcum is used to improve a variety of items such as the periodicals we read, plastics from our vehicles and homes, paints we use, and floor tiles we walk on.

Why Us for Talc Powder in India

Prosopis Inc is a manufacturer of talc powder in India. Talcum powder is a mineral which, when powdered, can help cut down on friction and prevent rashes. It is useful for keeping skin dry and also helps to keep irritation from occurring; moreover, it can give your skin a fresh feel - especially if you are looking for a natural product to use.

Technical Specifications

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